Friday, January 21, 2011

some observations just need to be made

First off, an enormous congratulations to Miranda Kerr and husband Orlando Bloom on the recent birth of their son Flynn.  Miranda writes very enthusiastically and positively about her natural birthing experience with Orlando at her side as her support.

She also posted a beautiful picture husband Orlando took of Flynn and her nursing in bed.  Not exactly surprising that the supermodel photographs well even lounging about at home, but what's so lovely is seeing her embracing everything new motherhood offers, including the bonding of nursing.

But some commenters think the photograph is "obscene".  Anyone familiar with me or who has read much of this  blog knows how I feel about nursing images, breastfeeding in public and the ridiculous double standards regarding body imagery, so I won't bother to rehash it yet again, particularly when it's already been done so spectacularly well.

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